October 26, 2022

The Best Burritos In San Francisco

The Best Burritos In San Francisco

By: Kyrie Sismaet | August 10, 2022 | Food & Drink Restaurants Culture Local

Burritos are as classic to San Francisco as the Golden Gate Bridge, our steep hills, and Karl the Fog. Whether you identify as a burrito-purist or fall on the side of loving the contested, but SF-original, Mission Style, one thing is common- you cannot live here without ever indulging in one of our many distinct taquerias. From late night refueling, to quick portable bites, and even for a heavenly bite of nostalgia, burritos are fundamental to both the culture and history of our immigrant-founded neighborhoods.

Here are the best burritos all around San Francisco that are even endorsed by celebrities, so that you know which ones to look out for the next time you need a fast, reliable, and affordably filling meal.

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La Taqueria

2889 Mission St / (415) 285-7117 / Website

With a constant line out the door consisting of both beloved locals and visiting tourists, everyone knows La Taqueria is the place to go, especially with their large sign proclaiming it “home to the best tacos and burritos in the world." A trusted community landmark since 1973, the absolute must-order here is their Dorado-style burrito, which comes seared on the outside and stuffed with all the favorites on the inside- cheese, avocado, beans, all sans rice.

Gordo Taqueria

2252 Clement St / (415) 387-4484 / Website

Gordo Taqueria is as prolific in the city as Victorian houses, and perhaps even more decorated. Stop into either their Richmond, Sunset, or Geary locations for a massive grilled burrito brimming with pico de gallo, beans, and your choice of carnitas, chile verde, beef, or even their All Meat for a decadent protein boost when exploring the neighborhood.

Pancho Villa Taqueria

3071 16th St / (415) 864-8840 / Website

Pancho Villa has seven distinct burrito variations, ensuring you find one to nourish you with their familial-style cooking while near the 16th Street BART station. Their vividly iconic storefront is as eyecatching as their Especial, Super, and Pura Carne burritos are mouthwatering, considering you even have the option to smother them in their signature savory sauce! Come in and feel right at home in this bright no-frills retreat, even treating yourself to their self-serve salsa bar.

El Castillito

136 Church St / (415) 621-3428 / Website

If you thought you could only have a finite amount of burrito combinations, El Castillito just off of Duboce Park is waiting to blow your mind. Visit this cute and cozy shop for their exclusive offerings such as the Super Shrimp, Super Fish, Zapata, or Wet Burrito, all served with rice, beans, fresh cilantro, onions, and zesty salsa.

El Farolito

2779 Mission St / (415) 824-7877 / Website

El Farolito is the acclaimed burrito of choice for several local prominent figures, including you soon enough. Cash-only with tight seating, it doesn't get anymore delightfully rustic than here, with many always lining up out the door for their generously gargantuan portions. Their burritos, as well as their quesadilla suiza, are immense examples, evident with the Pollo Asado Super Burrito packed with creamy avocado and spicy salsa for complex contrasts and mouthfeels. Another great contrast they uphold here is the under $10 price for such sizes!

La Palma Mexicatessen

2884 24th St / (415) 647-1500 / Website

You may not expect it, but one of San Francisco's best burrito options comes right out of this grocery store and deli! With no indoor seating, you can stop in and grab your fast-made burrito with the freshest veggies, tortillas, meats, and homemade salsa to enjoy outdoors around the Mission. A genuine community anchor since 1953, they also thoughtfully offer an all-day menu, all for the most wallet-friendly prices (which you'll want to order extra salsa with).


1777 Fulton St / (415) 776-0106 / Website

Papalote's salsa is absolutely divine and incredibly successful! You will want to douse everything with it, especially their highly revered vegetarian menu. Pictured here is their $10.95 Tofu Mole burrito, which is a deliciously modern reinvention, along with their Soyrizo and Grilled Veggie Burritos. Their perfectly tender Carne Asada, Camarones, and Chile Verde Burritos are also popular offerings, which you candip to your heart's desire in their sauces at either of their two vibrantly comforting venues.

No matter where you are in the city, burritos are the ultimate cheap and portable food option, and you can guarantee we take the craftsmanship seriously!

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Photography by: Logan Jeffrey/Unsplash

The Best Waterfront Restaurants In San Francisco

By: Kyrie Sismaet | August 10, 2022 | Food & Drink Lifestyle Restaurants NeighborhoodsTravel

San Francisco is distinctly known for sweeping coastlines, serene waters, and scenic panoramic views. Combine all of that with our illustrious culinary scene, and you get some of the absolute best waterfront restaurants with even more marvelously fresh seafood. From the radiant Embarcadero, to the western end's Ocean Beach, here are all of the most delectable, picturesque, and high-quality venues which adorn our coastline and are guaranteed to impress.

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La Mar

Pier 1 1/2 / (415) 397-8880 / Website

La Mar is a swanky and lavish Peruvian restaurant that couldn't get any closer to the coastline. Enjoy Instagrammable views of Treasure Island and the Bay Bridge while indulging in culturally authentic fresh ceviche, hot empanadas, and classically refreshing pisco sours out on their sunny and colorful patio.

Hog Island Oysters

1 Ferry Bldg, Shop 11 / (415) 391-7117 / Website

You simply cannot visit San Francisco without a stop at this Ferry Building institution. With an trendy open back patio that looks out towards the Bay, you can receive the full sensory experience of the sea breeze with your locally-sourced fresh oysters. Other immaculate choices here are their Manila Clams, Oyster Po' Boy, Hog Island Clam Chowder, and Tomales Bay Mussels, all of which pair effortlessly with their craft cocktails. Just be sure to get in line early because they do not take reservations!


399 The Embarcadero / (415) 284-9922 / Website

Waterbar is located beside the unmissable Cupid's Span and delivers on all fronts- the views, the kind service, all offerings of classic cocktails, and of course, the fresh seafood. With a spacious outdoor patio, this is an excellent choice for a romantic sunset date or for a family outing when around the Embarcadero, as they have an inclusive kid's menu. Definitely indulge in their silky Milk Poached Halibut, complex King Salmon Crudo, or divine Siberian Sturgeon.

Epic Steak

369 The Embarcadero / (415) 369-9955 / Website

Epic Steak neighbors Waterbar and creates the second half of this seaside duo, though it has a personality and ambience all to its own. With its close proximity to the Bay Bridge, watching the evening lights glimmer on while dining here is truly a magical and intimate experience. Epic Steak also prides themselves on being environmentally conscious, so you can be guilt-free while feasting on their many generous hardwood grilled steak servings, cheesy potato sides, and irresistable Chocolate Tart or Baked Alaska desserts.

Red’s Java House

Pier 30 / (415) 777-5626 / Website

For a more casual and no-frills option, Red's Java House has been providing the crunchiest onion rings and crispest beer as rustic relief from the seaside sun since 1955. Frequented over the years by different sailors, tourists, and even celebrities for their expansive hot dog, burger, and beer menu, this is a delightfully filling cove that sits just under the towering Bay Bridge in walkable proximity to Oracle Park.


Pier 5 / (415) 704-8866 / Website

Coqueta just past the Ferry Building is an elevated favorite for their ritzy outdoor tent and luxurious Spanish tapas. Meaning "flirtatious" or "coquettish" in English, the sultry aromas of their crispky Patatas Bravas or rich Paella de Tinta with their playful San Sebastian Sling or Catalan Truffle Old Fashioned cocktails will certainly lure you in. One look out into the view they hold will also lock you in for a meal of sampling several inventive tapas.


1965 Al Scoma Way / (415) 771-4383 / Website

Heading north to Fisherman's Wharf, Scoma's is a community anchor that has been providing the most comforting cioppino, clam chowder, oysters, and other Dungeness crab dishes since 1965. Known for being "Pier to Plate," the nourishing portions here are made from the daily catch, making for a pleasant and old-school, homestyle meal that is revitalizing and calming in an otherwise bustling tourist hub.

Greens Restaurant

2 Marina Blvd, Bldg A, Fort Mason / (415) 771-6222 / Website

Heading even further up to Fort Mason, Greens is a no-brainer choice to refuel with after a long day of exploring this historic fort. The menu boasts the most ingenious and elevated vegetarian courses all helmed by a powerful team of talented female chefs. Even the posh interior is thoughtfully sustainable and evokes senses of tranquil zen and connection to the beauty of nature. Their exquisite menu is seasonal to highlight the best produce, and we guarantee everything will impress you, especially for brunch.

Pier 23

Pier 23 / (415) 362-5125 / Website

Pier 23 is another genuine family-owned favorite, with always a steady stream of visitors ready to enjoy their unobstructed Bay view with a freshing cocktail and one (or many) of their small plates and sandwiches. Their patio is casual, sunny, and makes for the perfect setting, especially when they provide live music! We recommend their exclusively novel Shrimp Melt with lemon achovy aioli, or their crunchy Fish and Chips with Jalapeno ranch.

Beach Chalet

1000 Great Hwy / (415) 386-8439 / Website

Lastly, the coastal views of the Pacific Ocean from Ocean Beach can't be forgotten! The clear choice here is the second-floor Beach Chalet, which welcomes a 360 view of the water, the Dutch Windmills, Land's End and more through their wide glass windows. Snag a coveted seat by these panes for an impressive view with your equally marvelous Pan-Roasted Halibut, Lobster Roll, or Land & Sea Pasta. Neighboring Park Chalet also hosts an outdoor beer garden, so that your pup also receives this lavish treatment and unmissable view.

Your camera roll will be just as stuffed as you after dining at these overwhelmingly picturesque restaurants!

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