Bienvenido a la Taqueria El Castillito, cocina honesta desde 1989

At 24 years of age Sadot and his partner came together to the Bay Area, we are happy to serve you. From our Taqueria family and work colleagues we welcome you to this Mexican Experience. We are thankful and grateful to everyone who has made this possible.

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Traemos lo mejor de la cocina mexicana a la mesa

con cariño, esfuerzo y constancia.

De que se trata esto

What we are about

Sadot Reyes grew up in an agricultural focused environment, very humble beginnings, without a Father figure around, his Mother was always working to provide for the household.

At the age of 6 he had to work the acrigulture fields to be able to put food on the table. He couldn’t go to school because he had to work. As time passed, Mr. Reyes understood he had to move out of his hometown to find better opportunities. This is where our jouney starts, thanks to clients like yourself, we are proud to share the story and ingredients that have humble origins with intense flavors.

Here, at Taqueria El Castillito, we offer 3 main values:

Quality Ingredients

We do not condone throwing out food and letting it go to waste; however, we would prefer throwing away food that does not hold up to our high standard. No canned foods here, everything is prepped fresh for you to enjoy the very best SF has to offer.

Fast Prep Times

Your time is valuable and your pallet is our priority. We offer our customers a homestyle cooking that has great taste. You get the best of both worlds, Fast food with that great nutitional value you get at home, so sit back and enjoy as we prepare your food - lightning fast.

Family Owned and Operated

Our founder opened up his first business in 1989 but that legacy continues still today. Born 1965 food is not something to take lightly, each bite has a story, each ingredient was thought of and has been perfected since then, while preserving the essence of ese sabor autentico de Mexico that we all love. Mejor!

Pregunta por nuestros especial, no te arrepentirás.

Ask for our specials, you won't regret it.

Our burritos are arguably one on the best in town, don't take our word for it! Many have claimed this too. We serve so much more than our infamous burritos, try our Dinner Specials, at El Castillito we are now including classic burritos, wet burritos and more!

Lo que dice la gente sobre El Castillito

What people are saying about el castillito

Chris L.

Came in today on my lunch and got an al pastor burrito. It was absolutely delicious and filling that I couldn't even finish the burrito.

The store has a very nice vice to it and a very welcoming presence by the staff. They catered to my needs and I was pleased with the interaction we had.

I plan on going back to order more great food!! Thanks guys!

Danielle L.

I ordered online through DoorDash then walked over to El Castillito to pick it up. It was quick and easy - I showed the cashier my order and he packed it up for me. When I moved to SF, I heard so many good things about the al pastor burrito - and it did not disappoint. The burrito was huge and the meat was so flavorful. I recommend giving it a try!

Terence L.

Amongst the more popular burrito spots in the Mission like El Farolito and La Taqueria, El Castillito certainly holds its weight against some of the best. We ordered a few burritos to go in the morning, and they were solid. Although it is slightly out of the way compared to the heart of the Mission, I highly recommend if you are in the area!

Juan V.

This is one of the best spots in the country for Al Pastor. The meat is so flavorful and is so juicy. I think this the spot you go for Al Pastor. It use to have boiled chicken burritos but they only have broiled chicken burritos which is not my favorite in any restaurant. Come for the Al Pastor burrito or taco.

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